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Media Converter & Optical switches

AKSH provides wide range of Optical Fibre Media converters, Manageble optical switches, E1-Fibre Converters, V.35 to Fibre converters. AKSH has tie up with many electronic switches manufacturers to provide application based switching devices. We also provide EDFA, Optical Transmiiter, Optical Node(Receiver)

Optical Fibre Cable & Accessories

Aksh Optifibre provide wide range of Optical fibre cables and Dummy Fibres spools. We also have all types of accessories for string the OFC on poles.

* Aerial Accessories & fully ceramic cable.

* Direct Blown Cable for Micro ducts

* Multimode/Single Mode fibre

For more details visit www.akshoptifibre.com


Pigtails & Patchcord

We provide the broadest choice of optical fibre (cable) patch cords (pigtail, assembly, assemblies, jumper) to the industry including ST optic fiber patchcord, FC fiber optic patch cord, SC optical fibre patchcords, FDDI fibre optical patch cords, ESCON optical fiber patchcord, LC fiber optical patch cord, MTRJ fibre optic patchcords, and MU optic fibre patch cords with Ultra-polished (UPC), Angle-Polished (APC) or other polish requirement. We keeps inventory for the most common types of optical fiber patch cords for immediate delivery.

1) High Speed and volume Fiber Optic Transmission Systems
2) CATV Networks
3) LAN
4) Fiber Optical Instrumentation

1) Superior qualitied standard PC/UPC/APC polishing
2) 100% Optic test (Insertion Loss & Return Loss)
3) 0. 9mm, 2. 0mm and 3. 0mm cable optional
4) Comply to IEC Standard

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